Laura Venezia

Educator and author of Wait a Minute, What's This Feeling?

Wait a Minute, What's This Feeling?

Shane has always loved school, but now he's not so sure. He can't quite figure out what's happening in his body. Follow Shane on his journey of identifying, managing, and working through this thing called stress.

This book was written to spark a conversation about stress between parents and their children, raising the importance of managing emotions for kids and adults alike.

Wait a Minute, What's This Feeling? is available online and through select booksellers in Hong Kong.

About Laura

Laura is a passionate advocate for young learners. She has nearly 15 years experience as a teacher and school administrator, earning a BS in Early Childhood Development and Education and a MEd in Reading Education along the way. Originally from the United States, Laura now lives and works in Hong Kong.

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